InovAgil, a new way to create content


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It’s the description of my Startup idea for my EMBA:

As I have not been able to create a group around this idea, I share it on my blog. If you are interested to create something, please contact me.

Short and example

How can we create a platform to create movies or musics using a collaborative approach?

Note: This example is not exactly what is described in the following chapters as my idea is still evolving.

I start a project called: “Romantic song under the Snow”.

I write some lyrics associated to this song, I ask my friends on Facebook to give a feedback. Some of my friends decide to change some words, write some missing part.

I write a music associated to these lyrics. One of my friend who is a good piano player records a music and share this music with me. A girl that I don’t know with an amazing voice decide to sing on top of this music and share the result with my project.

We receive some feedback, some people love it, many people don’t like some part and propose another thing that are even better. We improve the result.

Another guy decide to share a strong music, but I don’t really like the content. He decides to “clone the project” and do his own creation.

At the end we decide that the project is good enough, we close the project and people start to share the content on different platforms. Another guy took the content, make a project on his own, and made a funny version, another guy mixed different project to do a strange mix, but many people seams to like it.

The problem

Open-source, collaborative innovation and creation is hard without a structure that facilitate  discussion, project management, team creation, leadership and social rewarding.
We have seen an increased popularity in framework and projects that facilitate collaborative creation and sharing. The most popular is probably Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia co-authored by millions of users., a way to crowd finance Startups and product creation. Facebook, the popular social collaborative environment where you share and co-create your life., where you not only read, but create and publish newspapers. That’s just a small part of the services that are created around this idea of collaborative innovation.

Furthermore, there is no easily accessible web platform for collaborative media creation that would enable users to easily create collaboratives movies, musics and books.

The solution

A new way of creating movies, musics and books by facilitating creation, team organization, social rewarding and enabling the consumer to be an owner, actor and
collaborator in the creation process of this media.

InovAgil is an interactive platform where consumers are participants in the different phases of the creation of a media. Our platform will empower people to create a team around a project, help them to organize the work and support them to share and monetize this work. This solution will focus on giving tools to people to collaborate as a team, share and reward the work of the members through social networks to encourage other people to praise and join a project. The project will be owned by all the participants.

The innovation: Empower consumers to be creator and take an active part in the creation
of movies, musics and books. They are socially rewarded through visibility of their work and exposure on social networks.

The innovation of InovAgil compared to existing models

● Watchers, Readers and Listeners can now be active actors in the creation of movies,
musics and books, the consumer is now the producer.

● We provide an agile base to facilitate the work of different people, we are facilitators not

● Everyone can take part in the creation of a movie, music, or book, improve, mix, change,
we encourage crowd creation versus personal ownership.

● No complete and dominant platforms to facilitate the creation of movies, musics and
books. We will be integrated with social networks to encourage collaborative creation
and social rewards of active members.

● We encourage remixing and remastering. Projects and part of the project can be
remixed, reused and improved.The Market: A big part of the 1 billion users that are using social networks and Internet.

Everyone with an Internet connexion and interest in medias can take part in the creation of a movie, music or book. You can review a scenario, write some music, work on a translation, write a chapter, watch and share a media, work on special effects, or be an actor of a movie.

Many people spend more than 50 hours per month in front of a television, if 10% of the potential users spend 2%, so 1 hour per month of their time creating content instead, we can expect a creative time of 100 millions hours per months. It’s similar to the budget of 5-10 Avatar movies per months.

Revenue generation

Advertisement, sale product licences to corporate environment, fundraising, derivative products.

InovAgil will be available in two versions:

● InovAgil Free Edition

This edition will be totally free, but the work will be public and under a creative commons
licence. Everyone can participate in the different phases of a project. We will make money by having advertisements on the site and fundraising campaigns. You can support a movie by giving money as an individual or as a brand. Part of this money will be shared between us and the creators of the project. We will insert advertisement in movies and books. Our team can sell derivative products based on the movie, organize events to meet the creators and find alternate way to make money.

● InovAgil Corporate Edition

This edition is for corporate environment that want to empower the creativity, idea of their
employees to create medias but don’t want the result to be visible and open-source.

These customers will pay a fee based on the type, duration and number of projects. We will have specific paid services like distribution of a media.


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